7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity Naturally | Fitness With Nikita

7 Ways to Boost Your Child's Immunity Naturally | Fitness With Nikita
7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity Naturally | Fitness With Nikita

7 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity Naturally | Fitness With Nikita: Children are often exposed to bacteria such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. But that doesn’t mean that he will get sick at all. Strong immunity helps children to protect themselves from diseases naturally. If your child frequently suffers from cold, flu, ear infections, stomach upset, and other health problems, it means that your child’s immunity is not strong.

You can strengthen your child’s immunity by making lifestyle and dietary changes to deal with common health problems easily.


  • Breast milk is a great way to strengthen a baby’s immunity. It contains all kinds of proteins, sugars, and fats that a baby needs to stay healthy. It also contains antibodies and white blood cells, both of which strengthen the immune system and help fight disease.
  • A study in Australia in 2002 found that when a mother breastfeeds her baby, it has a positive effect on the development of the immune system. While feeding the baby in any other way has a negative effect on the development of immunity.

Feed your child more fruits and vegetables

Portrait of happy child with vegetables
Portrait of happy child with vegetables sitting at table
  • A healthy diet is the most important thing to increase immunity. So keep a close eye on the food and drink of your child.
  • Include fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, bean pods, broccoli, kiwis, melons, oranges, and strawberries in your child’s diet. These are very beneficial in increasing immunity. Feed your baby raw organic fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, you can also give fruit and vegetable juices to the baby.
  • Make sure to feed all kinds of fruits and vegetables to the young child daily. To do this, you can all work together to make a delicious smoothie, juice or paste. Give older children a variety of meals and snacks throughout the day. Remember a simple rule for the right amount of fruit and vegetable feeding, as the age of the child, feed him the same number of tablespoons of fruits and vegetables per meal. For example, if you are feeding a 2-year-old, you can give the child 2 tablespoons of fruits and vegetables per meal.
  • They are rich in C, zinc, selenium, and essential fatty acids. All these help to strengthen immunity. Do not give your child chocolates, biscuits, and other high sugar foods, canned foods and Coke, Pepsi, etc.

Sleep is necessary

Sleep is necessary
Sleep is necessary
  • Adequate sleep and rest are very essential for a growing baby. Lack of sleep can lead to many diseases in the baby. According to a 2012 report published in the Archive Europe Journal of Physiology, sleep has a profound effect on the immune system.
  • A newborn baby needs 18 hours of sleep in a day. Whereas other children require 10 to 14 hours of sleep a day depending on their age. Make sure that the room where your baby sleeps should be completely dark and the room is not completely closed.
  • Sleeping in the dark stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin, which is essential for sound sleep and also acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body. Do not keep electronic devices and video games in your child’s bedroom.

Do exercise

Do exercise
  • Exercise is a great way to keep your child free from diseases. Regular exercise of about 30 minutes per day boosts the immune system and also provides many other health benefits to the child. Help as much as you can to increase the child’s interest in exercise. Gradually your child will get used to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Walking, running, jogging or cycling for about 30 minutes a day are great physical exercises for the whole family. Apart from this, you can send your child for swimming, tennis class or any other sport as per his/her choice.


  • Teach your child the habits of cleanliness and hygiene so that he can practice these good habits throughout his life. Hygiene doesn’t boost immunity, but it does help fight off germs and reduce stress.
  • First of all, teach your child to wash his hands properly. This simple habit greatly reduces the chances of catching a cold and flu. Teach your child to wash their hands regularly with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. Teach your child to wash their hands after coming from school, after using the bathroom, after playing with pets, and before eating food.
  • Apart from this, also tell about other good hygiene-related habits like brushing twice a day, wearing clean clothes, bathing daily, using a handkerchief after sneezing or coughing, etc. Also, clean the dirt in the nail and teach them to clean it too. Also, keep your home and surrounding area clean and germ-free. Despite being careful about your child’s hygiene, do not use any antibacterial drugs towards his hygiene, this can affect the immunity of children.


  • Probiotics and “good bacteria” are very useful for the gut tract, protecting us from bad bacteria. Researchers believe that good bacteria can have a positive effect on immunity and also strengthens the intestines.
  • Feed your baby regularly with probiotic-rich foods like curd, buttermilk, etc. Apart from this, you can also adopt baby food or other methods for probiotics.
  • Note– If probiotic supplements are to be given to a child, give Bifidus (a type of beneficial bacteria) to children under 7 years of age and antibifidus to children over 7 years of age.

Home Remedies to boost child’s immunity

Some immunity-boosting herbs and remedies help in increasing the immunity of the child. It also has antimicrobial properties, which are helpful in fighting common infections such as colds and flu.

  1. Feed turmeric milk to your baby regularly, especially during flu season To prepare this milk, add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder and a little black pepper to a cup of milk and boil it. A little raw honey can also be added for taste.
  2. Wash the basil leaves and give them to your child to chew on daily. Give it to the baby to chew on several times a week.
  3. There is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, which is called Chyawanprash. It is prepared from a variety of herbs, gooseberry, and spices. It is very beneficial for both the health and immunity of the child. It can be given to children 4 years of age or older in a dosage of to 1 teaspoon twice daily.

Give love and affection

  • Love and affection are most essential for the all-around development of the child. Along with this, better immunity is also important. A child does not need expensive gifts and toys. Rather, he needs love and feelings for a safe and happy life. Positive and good feelings help stimulate the cells of the baby’s immune system.
  • Do not hesitate to show love and care towards your child. Give her lots of love with hugs, kisses, etc. Spend maximum time with your child and play with him. Feed with your baby at least once a day and talk to him about his daily activities daily.
  • Also, try to avoid stressful situations. Because it has a bad effect on the immunity of the child and also weakens the ability to fight the disease. Apart from this, tell your child ways to get out of difficult times.

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