How to do Jal Neti Technique step by step | Benefits | Nasal Cleansing Yoga

How to do Jal Neti Technique step by step | Benefits | Nasal Cleansing Yoga
How to do Jal Neti Technique step by step | Benefits | Nasal Cleansing Yoga

How to do Jal Neti Technique step by step | Benefits | Nasal Cleansing Yoga

  • Jal neti is an important body cleansing yoga activity in which the nose is cleansed by water. By this technique, diseases like sinus, headache, cold, get rid of it.
  • Salted lukewarm water is used to burn.
  • In this technique, water is poured from one nasal orifice by neti pot and taken out from the other nose hole.
  • This Technique is performed in the same way from the second nostril. Jal Neti is a yoga practice in which the nose is cleaned with water and you get rid of nasal diseases.
  • Burning can be done at any time.
  • If someone has a cold, he can repeat it several times a day. Due to its constant practice, it does not allow germs to grow inside the nasal cavity.

Materials used while performing Jal Neti Technique

  1. Utensil to do Jal Neti.
  2. A little salt.
  3. Lukewarm water.

How to do Jal Neti Technique?

Many people are afraid to do Jal Neti act but it is very easy to do it.

  • Today we will show some simple ways to perform the burning Technique.
  • Learn about the method of burning, how all of you can easily practice it at home.
  • Take a vessel that can easily go into the nose.
  • Mixed 2 paid salt in 250 ml to 300 ml lukewarm water.
  • Now sit in the position of Kagasana or bend the knees slightly, move the hips backward and lean forward.
  • The spine will be straight.
  • Place a distance between one and a half to two feet between the legs.
  • Tilt the neck in the direction of the nose through which air is activated.
  • Put the spout of neti lota in the nasal cavity which is active.
  • Keep the mouth open so that there is no obstruction or trouble in breathing and water does not go into the ears.
  • Pour water from one hole in the nose, it will come out from another hole itself.
  • When half the water is exhausted then stops, clean the water from the nose and now repeat this Technique from the second hole.
  • After performing the Technique, clean the nasal pores by Kapalbhati Pranayama and Bhastrika Pranayama.

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Benefits of Jal Neti Technique

We get immense physical and medical benefits from Jal Neti technique.

  • If you have too much headache, you will get benefit from this Technique.
  • Practice it daily, if you are sleepy.
  • In laziness, this Technique is extremely beneficial.
  • Prevents hair fall and premature graying of hair.
  • Increasing memory power is very beneficial.
  • Beneficial for any nose disease.
  • Provides benefits in increasing eyesight, watering, clinging eyes, etc.
  • The ear is beneficial in running.
  • Adding some salt to Jal neti causes itching inside the nose due to which the blood flow to the membrane increases and the secretion of the glandular cells also increases, which makes the gland gates clean.

Precautions while doing Jal Neti Technique

  • First, do this action under the supervision of an expert.
  • After performing the burning act, do Kapalbhati and Bhastrika Pranayama to remove the water from the nose. Close the aperture of the nose and do the action of Kapalabhati, then repeat from the second nostril and finally do this action from both the nostrils.
  • Do not wipe the nose too hard as water can enter the ears and peel the nose.
  • The ratio of water and salt should be right because there may be irritation and pain due to too much or too little salt.
  • While doing this activity, breathe through the mouth or else the water can go into the ears.


  • Do not perform this technique when there is too much cold.
  • Do not perform this action if you have pain in your ears.
  • If there is any injury to the nose, stay away from this activity.
  • Avoid this technique when blood is coming from the nose.

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