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Content sharing policy

We are exceptionally appreciative of the basic fact to prevent content piracy and make our dismissal more active. If our articles do not violate the policies, we have several tendencies to take measures to avoid taking any action against the article.

If we find that someone may violate our post’s policies, we have one or more actions needed to support the violation that follows:

FitnessWithNikita has no one to blame and explicitly talks openly about everything for any kind of harm resulting from the use, connection, or dependence of any information on websites. Although the information is updated at a good time, this fact has no guarantee on the computing system.

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  • Make sure that your article does not contain any grammar or any possibility.
  • There should be a store of knowledge about your subject.
  • Your article should be such that the information can be discussed with the people.
  • This means that unless you understand his thinking, he will not be attracted to our article, if we take care of the reader, he will expect us to be more involved and will also praise him.
  • Share your profile, name with people.
  • Keep in mind that your article can be informative so that we can get the most useful information such as the correct meaning of the coordinates of your article which we can easily read and modify in our language.
  • Your article gives information related to voluntary.
  • Be on the list of those who meet the terms of the website who are grateful for the article.

What to do …….

  • The title should have 5 letters and 90 words.
  • Text-related articles: Use fifty to a hundred words.
  • The article should be in a language that can be modified in a foreign language
  • Photo, video, or description should be easily modified

What not to do ……

  • Do not overuse punctuation marks. Such as exclamation mark, question mark, etc. which should not have any sign such as #, @, *, etc.
  • The material should be full of information.
  • There is no such information that does not have any meaning.
  • Such material or text is not, such as, video, photo, no malicious content, blood, violence, terrorism, gambling or drugs, irrational material, non-militant, criminal abetment, or attempt to link.
  • The article should not be related to sexual organs, sexual behavior, or obscene jokes.
  • For comics, the information should not be obscene or sensitive.
  • No unauthorized use of any person’s name, logo or title, or defamation should be made on any topic.
  • Do not add any data related to the content, such as contact data, “follow,” share, etc.